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Advisory for Algeria-based Indian nationals (22-03-2020)

Embassy of India




Algeria-based Indian nationals seeking their return to India would have seen the latest announcement of the suspension of all international commercial passenger traffic to and from Algeria including closure of land borders and sea ports w.e.f. March 19, 2020 in view of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Similarly, Government of India has also suspended all international commercial passenger traffic into India w.e.f. March 22, 2020, for the duration of one week. The principal aim behind suspension of all international commercial passenger traffic is to contain the spread of virus. As the matter currently stands, there is no evacuation plan for Indian nationals from Algeria. Indian nationals, are therefore, advised to take all necessary safety precautions being advised by the Governments of Algeria and India from time to time.

2. Indian nationals are also requested to see the websites of Embassy of India, Algiers, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (24*7 helpline number +91-11-23798046 or mail at, Bureau of Immigration (Ministry of Home Affairs), Government of India, regularly to keep abreast of the travel restrictions and other advisories relating to Indian citizens. Similarly, Indian nationals may also follow the Algerian local/national dailies/newspapers to remain updated with the travel restrictions/bans imposed by the Government of Algeria and other Corona related advisories.