Hindi Pakhwada 2018

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In connection with the Hindi Pakhwada 2018, Hindi Essay writing competitions were held for the Indian community in Algeria and the Embassy staff & families on 18th October 2018 and 24th October 2018 respectively.

Answer sheets of all the six winners of the competition.

The winners from the Indian community were 
I prize - श्री सौरभ अग्रवाल (Answer sheets)
II prize - श्रीमती डॉली लाहिरी (Answer sheets)
III prize - श्री ललित कुमार कक्कड़ (Answer sheets)

The winners from the Embassy staff & families were
I prize - श्रीमती अंजू मालिक  (Answer sheets)
II prize - श्री बलवंत सिंह बिष्ट (Answer sheets)
III prize - श्रीमती दिव्या गुप्ता  (Answer sheets)

Cash Prizes and certificates were given to the winners.

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