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Advisory to Algeria-based INDIAN NATIONALS (25-03-2020)


    Embassy of India, Algiers, shares the concerns of Algeria-based Indian nationals emanating from the Coronavirus outbreak. In view of the prevailing situation across the globe, we advise the following:-

    (a)    At this juncture no special flights are planned for evacuation of the Indian nationals. People should stay put wherever they are and be in touch with the Embassy of India, Algiers (

    (b)    Embassy will extend all possible assistance.

    (c)    These are temporary measures taken in the overall interest of the people and, therefore, we need your cooperation.

    (d)     Government of India is reviewing the prevailing situation and is constantly working on all options.

    (e)    We request for your patience and understanding.

2.    If you require any further information please get in touch with Shri Kumar Abhay, Consular Officer, Embassy of India, Algiers, at Mobile No. +213-671999040 and mail id: