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Undertaking to be submitted by Indian Nationals seeking repatriation to India

Posted on: June 03, 2020 | Back | Print

Following is the undertaking to be submitted by Indian Nationals seeking repatriation to India (a copy to be e-mailed at cons.algiers@mea.gov.in and physical hard copy to be produced at the Airport before departure).


I undertake that :

(i)      I agree to be quarantined in one of the facilities in Delhi, Delhi NCR        or Haryana ; or Bhiwadi or Chandigarh;

(ii)     I will pay for quarantine during the mandatory period of 14 days     (revised now to 7 days of paid institutional quarantine and 7 days of     home quarantine as per the new guidelines);

(iii)     I will not insist on returning to my state of domicile, (if quarantined in Delhi) before completing the mandatory period of quarantine;

(iv)    After the quarantine period is over, I will return to my state of          domicile, either by making my own arrangements or through the   arrangements facilitated by the Resident Commissioner/Nodal    Officer of the concerned state.

(v)     I undertake that I will not change this signed undertaking after        reaching India.


Please note:-

         The incoming passengers in India cannot be allowed to mingle with the internal passengers in the domestic flights as it is a health hazard, before they complete the mandatory quarantine period. The relaxations provided for bereavement in the family or illness applies to that city only and not for inter-city transfers independent of the repatriation operations.





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