Multi lingual mobile app \"Indian Customs-Guide to travellers\"

Posted on : 27-12-2016 | Back | Print
A new multi-lingual mobile App "Indian Customs  - Guide to Travellers" has been released  to facilitate international passengers about Baggage Rules.   The app, a first-of-its-kind mobile application, contains a ready reckoner of the customs baggage rules and entitlement of passengers coming from various countries.  It contains 24 X 7 contact details of customs officers of major Airports.  The application provides information to users as per their need.  After installation of app on smart phones, it works in offline mode. The said app is available on all the three platforms-Android Play Store, Windows & Apple Store and serves as a Ready Reckoner of Customs Baggage Rules and Passenger Entitlements. Users can use the following links to download the updated version of the mobile app which is available across the three platforms ( These details are also available on the website (” 

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