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Celebration of Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) day 2023

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Celebration of Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) day 2023

The Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) Day 2023 was celebrated on 30 November 2023 at the Hotel Sofitel, Algiers. ITEC is a bilateral programme of assistance which was established in September 1964 for partnership with the global South. Training and capacity building is one of its major goals. Under ITEC, Algerian professionals are offered training courses in different centres of excellence in India which empower them with professional skills and prepare them for an increasingly globalized world. India offers 70 slots in training courses at different Indian Institutes covering diverse themes and these are open to Algerian officials, public sector employees, universities, Chambers of Commerce and Industry and the private sector. 

2. A large number of Algerian ITEC alumni attended the event. During the event, nine of the ITEC alumni shared their rich experience during their training in India in the field of public works managment, power transmission systems, IT, big data technologies, techno-preneurship, agriculture and crime investigation. 

3. Since 2007, more than 432 candidates from Algeria have availed ITEC training. Some of the popular ITEC courses in Algeria relate to areas of trade, power transmission, remote sensing, data science and analytics and computing.

4. In his remarks, Ambassador Gaurav Ahluwalia spoke about the excellent bilateral relations between India and Algeria. He informed that 30 November 2023 marks the completion of 365 days since India assumed the G20 Presidency that would now be handed over to Brazil. He also mentioned about Chandrayaan-3 which touched down on the lunar surface on 23 August 2023 making India the first nation to land an unmanned craft near the unexplored south pole and the fourth country to achieve a control soft landing on the moon. He urged the Algerian alumni to build about better understanding between the two countries and bring together the people of India and Algeria for mutual benefit. 


4 December 2023